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Mandriva and PS3


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Somebody have some idea if will exist a Mandriva Linux 2006 for PS3?


If exists it will be instalable or will be live cd? Maybe the 2 versions?


I'm thinking about it becouse I have a PS2 and reading about new Cell processor I serious thinking in sell my PC to buy a PS3 in the next year.

The 256 of memory is sifficiently to run any sort of Linux. And with that gorgious Gflopper processor, PS3 will beat easy ordinary PCs.


What you think about that things? :gossip:

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The PS3 may not even be seen until 2007. Also, it won't have a Hard Drive by default - you'll have to purchase that seperately. And, as Jet2k5 and myself discussed here the PS3 add-on hard drive may already run some distribution of Linux. The original story that I read can be found here.

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Very likely. The PS3 made use of a nVidia GPU and should SONY feel ok with it nVidia would provide Linux drivers for the graphics unit and such. In addition, I don't think the line between console and PC are clear anymore with such powerful configuration came with the latest console. Either Linux will come in the form of a Live! CD or with an add-on harddrive installation.

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