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how can firefox be upgraded?


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I need to upgrade the firefox that came with mandriva installation, version 1.02, to the latest version. how can i do that, in an easy way please?

I've downloaded the new version, but failed to install it.

what do i do so that I can install software by just clicking on it, like we do in windows?


please give me a step by step how-to

I'm using mandriva linux LE2005, the default install, exactly as is.

many thanks.

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Easiest way (not cleanest!) is getting the binary tarball from Mozilla FTP, and install it locally at your user's directory (you can also install it globally, but there are chances to break something related to other Mozilla family applications).

Best way is getting the source tarball and compiling it with all necessary patches (it's rather easier than it sounds like). Full instructions to be found at the Mozillazine forums.

Ond of course you can always hunt and install a distro-specific RPM build, either official or unofficial!

Now if you want 1.0.6 installed globally and you don't feel like compiling from scratch, and you cannot find any custom RPM, you can get the source RPM from Cooker and build your own rpm with "rpm --rebuild mozilla-firefox*.src.rpm". Most likely it will work if you have a few devel packages installed, but if it doesn't please don't blame me...

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I suggest you do the easiest way, but when done installing, just place a shortcut in your panel (ummm taskbar) to the Firefox file.


Download the tar.gz file from mozilla, unpack it in a directory at your home partition (suggest /home/user/software/firefox)

Then click on the install-firefox file. There will be an installer.

The firefox.exe file so to say will be the one named "firefox" with no extension.

Drag it to your taskbar (panel in Linux) to make a shortcut.


This is the easiest if not the cleanest way.

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Is there something wrong with the latest version on the madriva update servers?


Name: mozilla-firefox Version: 1.0.2-8.1.102mdk


I know it says version 1.0.2 in the About Mozilla Firefox window but at the bottom of the same window it says Firefox/1.0.6. Is this not essentially the same thing as 1.0.6?


I would like to know.





See Easy-Urpmi link at top of page to add updates to your URPMI sources. Or do it through MCC Software Management.

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It says 1.0.6 because that is how it is identified for themes and extensions. The 1.0.2 of Mandriva is the 1.0.2 with all security patches and as far as I know that is what the updates to Firefox are about. There should be no difference between Mandriva 1.0.2 and Firefox 1.0.6. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

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