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WUSB11 v2.5 Wireless card & Mandrake 10.2

Guest MonkeeOfEvil

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Guest MonkeeOfEvil



First off, hey I'm teh monkee of evil. Whats up? :)


Now, down to business. I installed Mandriva Linux ( 2005 limited ) or whatever the version is...current. lol. I hook up my wireless card and I can't seem to get it working. It appears that the driver is already on the system because it apears in my hardware list when i go into the Control Center...here's what I see:



Vendor: Linksys Inc.

Description: WUSB11v2.5 802.11b Adapter

Media Class:



Bus: USB

Bus PCI #: 1

PCI Device #: 5

Vendor ID: 1643

Device ID: 8722



Module: prism2_usb


There are 2 buttons...one says Configure Module, the other one says Run Config tool..


I tried going to configure module and it asks me for prism2_doreset, reset_holdtime, and reset_settletime...i don't know wtf all that is so I left it alone.


When I click on the run config tool it brings up a dialog that says "Network & Internet Configuration" and to choose the connection you want to configure.


I select Wireless Connection and click next. Two windows pop up to fast to be read, then prompts to select the network interface to configure. there are 2 options, one to manually load driver, then another to use a Windows Driver w/ndiswrapper.


I select Manually load driver, then select prism2_usb from the list. It goes to a screen where It tells me that it may require additional information and wants to know if i want it to autoprobe, or specify options. I select autoprobe and there's a couple windows that flash to quickly to be read, then i'm back at the screen asking if i want to manually load a driver, or use ndiswrapper. I went back through it again using the specify options link and it asked for the doreset and such...


I'm a bit lost here...I'm 100% positive that this is a wusb11 2.5 adapater...so what am i not doing / doing wrong here?


Should i be trying to use ndiswrapper instead?

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Guest random guy

i have same problem but with my linksys wusb11 network device.


so i dont have 2 options i have 3.


the extra one is my device (with the word unknown infront of it)


so i have been trying to use that option for a long time to get it working, but it wants me to have atmel packages and hotplug packages and all the ones i find dont work nicely together and it is not working great (i have been working on this for many hours in last few days)


so i guess i will try the ndiswindows wrapper but what is the file i need? what extension?

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