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Im looking to buy a hard drive based MP3 player, as my current mp3 player is on its last legs. It seems to get through a set of AAA battries in a day and thats nwith the mp3 player switched of. I might be leaving the thing on but the screen doesnt work so i cannot tell if i am or not.


Im looking for a hard drive based player with at least 20 GB for under £200 GBP


What is good so far it is a toss between an ipod or a creative zen touch, but as far as i can tell the zen touch i will not be able to use in linux, or maybe someone can tell me if i will be able to transfer files in linux.


I want to be able to tranfer files in linux as it will mean only one reason to but into windows and that is EVE online so once if i get that working in linux that means bye bye windows.


Also one last question, will the creative zen be able to play my m4a files bought of itunes.


So in summary i want suggestions on hard drive mp3 players that can transfer files with linux

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There really isn't much out there that comes close to iPod. The Zen is cool, but certainly nowhere as rad as an ipod. A Zen should work with Linux, but I'm not sure that it will play m4a files, especially not if bought from iTunes.


So I say go with the iPod. There are even projects out there that will replace the default OS on the iPod and make it very Linux friendly. Although, it is pretty good with Linux out of the box.

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frankly, I wouldn' t know what the heck to do with a 20g mp3 player. I know how many songs fit on my sanddisk 256mb player, and I am certain I don't own 20gig's of music, and if I did, I'd never want it all with me.

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