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XD-04: Konqueror FAQ

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XD-04: Konqueror FAQ


This FAQ will introduce you to some of the neat features available in Konqueror, the KDE Web Browser and File Manager.


I will be discussing Konqueror 3.4, found in KDE 3.4, so if you have an older version some of the features discussed here may not be available to you.




Tabs are the greatest thing since sliced bread, they can make browsing multiple pages at the same time simple, and at the same time keep them all easily accessible; another bonus is that they use less memory than opening a new window.


There are three ways to open a new tab:

  • Click on the "Location" button on the menubar at the top of the screen and then select "New Tab".
  • Click on the "Window" button on the menubar and then select "New Tab".
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+N

Split Views


Yet another great innovation, this feature allows you to look at multiple pages in the same tab (If you were wondering, you cannot make more tabs inside a split view.)


You can split views Left and Right or Top and Bottom.


To do this, click on the "Window" button on the menubar at the top of the screen and then select "Split view Left/Right" or "Split view Top/Bottom" to split the view however you want to, as many times as you wish.


The Navigation Panel


Last, but certainly not least, I will discuss the Navigation Panel, a feature that you are likely to find useful.


To Show/Hide the navigation panel, click on the "Window" button on the menubar at the top of the screen and then select "Show Navigation Panel" or "Hide Navigation Panel", or just press F9.


Let the fun begin! You will find tabs here showing:

  • Your Bookmarks
  • System Devices
  • Your Browsing History
  • Your Home Folder
  • The Sidebar Media Player
  • FTP archives and web sites
  • Your Root Folder (A tree view of the filesystem).

And the last tab is worth a bit more discussion.


Here you will find a highly useful "Audio CD Browser," that you can use to extract music from your CDs to both WAV (Uncompressed) and OGG (Compressed) files; it even downloads the name of each track for you from an online database (freedb).


There are also several browsers:

  • A device browser
  • A font browser
  • A LAN Browser
  • A print system browser, which displays connected printers, current jobs, and so on.

Of course, there is always more to find in the "Konqueror Handbook" which you can access through the Help menu, or by just pressing F1.


Access Keys


Access keys are a feature that can potentially speed up your web-browsing (Note that I'm now using 3.5, this may not apply to 3.4).


Pressing the right or left 'Ctrl' key while browsing will enable the use of access keys. Access keys map keys on the keyboard to all the hyperlinks contained in a page, so if you press a key associated with a link, Konqueror will follow it.


Vi(m) Movement Keys


Vi(m) fans may be pleased to know that the vim movement keys, h, j, k, and l can be used for navigation around websites. For those that are not practicioners of Vi(m), these keys correspond to the following movements:

  • h - left (it is the key on the left.)
  • j - Down (sort of looks like an arrow down.)
  • k - Up
  • l - Right (it is the key on the right.

I hope you enjoyed this FAQ and most of all that you learned something, thanks.

Edited by Tuxiscool

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