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xine [solved]


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mandrake 10.1, KDE. installed xine about a week ago. must have changed some file associations or something somewhere. when i click my mp3 folder xine is launched and will play a single song then stop, but i cant close it. it just sits there, the windows wont close (they minimize) cant right click either. this only happens when clicking my mp3 folder. the only way to eventually get rid of it is to reboot.


clicking my drives,floppy and trash bin from the desktop also launches xine!


ok i just associated my mp3 folder on the desktop with amarok by right clicking then open with,

now my drives,floppy and trashbin launch amarok..

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Reboot? You defintely don't have to, at the very worst hit alt+F2 and now "xkill".

You associated a folder with an application, and the application now acts a file manager- I do not find anything strange at that... what is strange is why you liked to make such an association.

Login as root, and delete the hidden .kde and .xine folders at your /home/user drectory- then log back in as user. You will find all your KDE settings reset.

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You should only change associations of a few files and file extensions, not folders and executables.

xine has a KDE frontend named kaffeine, which gives you a rightclick context menu ( something like "add to kaffeine's playlist"). same applies for amarok.

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