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How to install a Fluxbox [solved]

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I'm tring to install the latest Fluxbox on MDK 10.1 community, but i have a problem with xorg:

the ./configure needs X Window System libraries and headers. What should i do? :unsure:


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Simplify your life and install the MDK rpm for Fluxbox. If you want a newer version than originally came with 10.1 Cooker has a newer version, either 0.9.12 or 0.9.13, I forgot which and I'm not at my Linux box right now to check. 0.9.13 is the latest development version, so either way it's pretty up-to-date.


I've been running the Cooker rpm with no problem for quite a while and it installed and works fine. If you don't want to install the Cooker sources just download it and urpmi it in.

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They have a fluxbox RPM for Mandrake at http://www.linuxsoft.cz/en/sw_detail.php?id_item=297 .

If you cannot figure that out, then I suggest BlackBox. BlackBox version 0.65 is in the Mandrake Install Software GUI, and if you want to try the latest, you can get version 0.70 at http://norlug.org/?op=rpms&rpm_func=rpm_index&cat=5 . FluxBox is based off of BlackBox. The only real differences are that BlackBox is more minimalistic, if you didn't know.

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