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How to use khotkeys (mandriva 2005)?

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In the KDE control center, there's a tool called "khotkeys"


I try to enable the "Go to KDE Website" in the examples group, but it doesn't work.


First, i activate the examples group, then i activate the "Go to KDE Website"


After validating, if i use "Windows + E", the menu pop ups and the focus go to "Executer une commande".


Can anyone help me ?

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Yeah i cant make Win + E open Konqueror; khotkeys doesnt seem to accept Win + anything else.


If you have a multimedia keyboard, just assign one of its many keys to openning Konqueror.

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Well, after some tries, i found one thing :


At boot, the Windows key is found as F13 by khotkeys

But, with the mandrake control center, if i set up my keyboard in the keyboard section, the Windows key is recognised as the Windows key

In khotkeys, i can use the Win + E and it works


But 2 problems :


- The K menu doesn't appear when the windows touch is pressed

- if I restart the mandrake, the Windows key is set up as F13 again.


DaveQB -> yes, my keyboard has 3 special keys, and i've just assigned one of its to open Konqueror, and it works ;)


But, i'm sure khotkeys could be used to have Win + E for Konqueror and Win to lauch K menu.


Perhaps, a command can tell that F13 = Win ?

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