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My splash pack for LE2005


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These're some splashes I've made after I saw the 10.2-RC2/LE2005 default background. They're derived and inspired from other people's work, as you can see. Originally I just want to replace the default pics with them, but I thought it might be nice to read about your opinions. This is my first time for making splash pics like this :)



This is derived from(and also includes) the "Enterprise" theme by Brant Fitzsimmons from the bootsplash-themes rpm. I made the lilosplash, ksplash, and gnome-splash. The default.png is convert from nature.jpg in the Mandrake_desk rpm.










This is inspired from the background of 10.2-beta/RC1. I made the lilosplash, bootsplash. ksplash, gnome-splash and default.png. I also included another version of ksplash and gnome-splash which looked like the ones from 10.1.






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Cool, would like to install some of these - where do I put them?

Hi, kompact.

You can download the file and extract it. I wrote a simple readme for installing instructions(and credits). It requires overwriting some of the files, so you need to be root when you install them. If you meet any problem, just post here and I'll try helping you as best as I can.

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I too quite like the mad french penguin. :)

p.s. you can change the name of the distro on the background image though,

just Gimp edit it. ;)


nice, but I'm growing fond of the crazy star struck penguin  :P

If only it was as easy to change the nake of the distro!

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I'm using your original and it looks great.  Thank you!  :mr-green:

Hi, Germ. I'm glad you like it:). The new version is ready:

http://yochenhsieh.myweb.hinet.net/LE2005A.tar.gz (1.1MB)


The old LE2005 pack (491KB) is still there if anyone want to try it.

However personally I'd recommend the new pack instead.

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