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so.. how is this Linux? (points at 'Everything Linux' atop)


on the topic: I wonder how many people actually use it. I've downloaded Firefox about 8 times myself (different versions)


Firefox is the most-used browser on Linux.

So this news is interesting for a majority of people running Linux. :juggle:


See? :beer:

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solarian: that debate's been had before...most people reckon the numbers of people who download many times and use once vs. people who download once and use many times (network admins, for e.g.) roughly balance out.


Also, downloads through the update-mechanism don't count. The firefox rpm that is on my SuSe DVD does not count. Network installations only count 1x. Etc. etc. if anything, I'd say the stats are slightly under-stated.

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I have used firefox in both linux and windows for about a year now. I used to cruise with konquorer, but firefox really is nicer. I also switched all my mail to thunderbird.

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Out of curiousity... I dug up our numbers from webalizer for this site. Using those numbers reported from page views from the past 60 days... FireFox seems to be our Number 1 browser @ MUB:


396683 FireFox 23 %

369266 Search BOTS 21 %

217009 MSIE 13 %

103825 Konqueror 06 %

50207 Mozilla 06 %

20545 Opera 01 %

563699 other 33 %


PS: My normal browser these days are FireFox when using Linux and Mozilla when in that other one (cause I use moz mail too)

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IE the second most used browser here??? Looks like some of our users need a smack-down :P Or it could be browser-disguising... still a silly practise IMO


Firefox is the best browser available at the moment. This is a fact (no IMO necessary). So I'm not surprised... I've also noticed that almost all my friends who use Macs use it as well.


Oh, and solarian - this is good news for open source and involves the most used browser in Linux. So the real question is: how is it NOT related to Linux?

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how is it NOT related to Linux?

I was just pointing out that Firefox is a multi-OS program.

It runs on Linux, sure, but it also does on Mac, Solaris, Win and others. Open source isn't just Linux.

You said it yourself that many of your friends use it on Mac.

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33% other!? What are these?

At first this number surprised me, but then I remembered how a site like ours attracts the super geeky;) (we even had a visitor using Atari as their OS)


The few I can see include netscape, galeon, and lynx. There are most likely a lot of other bots included in this "other" category.


Another interesting thing is the logs show people still using MSIE/3 and Netscape/2.

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