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no-ip + sshd


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It ought to work. AFAIK, no-ip act as a simple DNS server, any traffic sent to the domains you register is sent straight to the IP address you specify, no filtering is done unless you ask for it (they have a feature which futzes SMTP ports so you can run a mailserver even if your ISP blocks port 25).

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the problem is tha *I haven't* been able to login remotly (sshed a machine at the university and sshed to my domain -p 666 through the remote terminal).


I've forwarded port 666 in my router to my LAN IP

I've opened port 666 on my shorewall rules

sshd listen to 666


So think no-ip cannot forwart to tha kind of ports (only standard 80-80-21) -- though I think there are some ed2k no-ip servers...


I work on it some more....

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What security level is your SSH server at? If it's on "Higher" or "Paranoid" you need to add the following to your /etc/hosts.allow file:


Otherwise, no-ip isn't your problem, they forward all ports to the same destination. Make sure that your router is forwarding 666 to your server, your server has 666 open, and /etc/ssh/sshd_config is listening on 666 (most of which you mentioned you already did - I'm just being clear for those who just walked into the room). Then, when you try to connect with a client app, like Tectia, FileZilla, Putty, or BitVise, make sure it's set to the SFTP using SSH2 protocol, and replace 22 for the port setting with ... you guessed it folks ... 666.


That really should be all you have to do. Keep at it - it will work!

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I do ssh into my computer on a non-stnndard ssh port (23) using no-ip.com. Works fine.

and I do it with dyn-dns.org with no messing about!



like adamw says I think your prob is something else not working... can you http on port 80? can you ssh locally? have you got a hosts.deny set and hosts.allow set to your domain?

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