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Nvidia + sound cards


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first off i have a hercules 7.1 digifire sound card.


i found a post on these forums about this but it had no replies. i got no sound through the headphone part of my card, apprently from that post the front speaker works.


i am using the snd-cs46xx


and as the alternate diver : cs46xx


does anyone know how to correct this? so that sound works correctly?



also i downloaded the latest linux nvidia drivers installed them. and i am wondering on windows i could get 32bit and on linux only 24bit but on linux my graphics card works better, faster, etc etc. yet only 24 bit?


can it go to 32 on linux or is it 24bit max?

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32-bit and 24-bit have the same amount of colors :P . They are exactly the same (maybe not to the hardware, but they are equally capable). It all depends on the drivers whether you are in 24 or 32-bit... They look and operate exactly the same, and both have 256 values of Red, Green, and Blue each :beer: . I don't know what to tell you about the SoundCard, however... It appears to be a very uncommon card... If only we had an XFree86 for Soundcards and Midi, heh :cheeky: .

My advice is to buy an Audigy for Linux. If you don't need hardware Midi, however, you can get away with a cheap Aureal au8810 (what I have) from eBay :P .

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