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A livecd for chemists...and everybody else


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Hi everybody,


I have started this project out of curiosity about 9 months ago and i have reached a point where I would like some feedback from the community to help me improve the CD.


I have enclosed a file with a brief description of the liveCD and the software included.


I know, the name is kinda lame and frankly ... sucks, but i have struggled to find a better name, but the essential thing is that i have tried to customise Mandrake 10.0 (although i should say Mandriva now) to fit my needs.


What the sheet doesn't tell you is that I used a 2.4 kernel (see my thread "Comparison CDROM/HDD" in this forum).


If anyone is interested in testing it, I could find a way to make the isos available. I have two different ones: 0.1 (with XFCE 4) and 0.2.5 (with KDE 3.2).






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i would like to try this.... how would i get an iso from you???


also one suggestion, if you havent already done it...

knoppix includes a great ndiswrapper utility in its live cd wich allows you to set up your wireless card if you need it.... i think that that would be a great addition to any live distro....

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I do not have a lot of web space, so the only way that I would see would be that I partition the iso with something like winzip in chunks of about 100MB and you recompose the iso when you have all the parts.


That would be the easiest way.


I will post the address shortly.


Just tell me when you are done with downloading one part of the iso and I will put the next part online.


How's that?


Just go to this website and follow instructions.


Email me when you are done downloading the files (email link on web page).


Cheers :D

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I would guess that since it is based on the 2.4 kernel and i did not include ndiswrapper since i had no need for it in the past.


Give me a list of things you think need improvement and i will take that into account in the next version.


Right now, I was thinking to go for that 2.6 kernel (same as PCLinuxOS) and change the real player installer and also get the latest versions of each software,


I also have to take care o the website.


In the meantime, feel free to redistribute it! :banana:





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Hi guys im overseas, and using another person computer

Im a new linux user and would like develop around this OS. I have read work on this CD; i am unable to dl from p2p due to the restriction of the ISP.

I was wondering can i get a copy of this posted on an FTP or HTTP (rapidshare or yousend) and i dont want to install linux cause it will stuff up their computer



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