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Video Capture Program


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Hello everyone, I was wondering if there exists a program for Linux that captures fullscreen application sound and graphics animation and outputs it to either an avi, wmv, or divx file. I've seen one program that does this well, and it's for Windows. It's called fraps. I know there has to be a program like this for Linux. I mean, on http://www.linuxconsole.org/ there are avi videos of certain games that run under LinuxConsole LiveCD. If there is such software, I'd probably also be looking for a video file converter. If anybody can help, I appreciate it. :thumbs:

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Yes, there is: xvidcap/gvidcap


Example I made last year:



The thread here:



Bad news: In 10.1 the package xvidcap (in contrib) is broken, does not work.

You would need to rebuild the src.rpm or compile from source.

I hope it will work again in Limited Edition, I saw it has been rebuilt and re-packaged.


Good luck!

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Wow, thanks. I'll try it out. The sourceforge page even answers questions, and the instructional videos on the site are neat. Exactly what I was looking for. :beer: Only thing, does it do fullscreen programs, like a game? Sorry if I'm being a hassle. It must seem like that question should be asked at the xvidcap website.

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