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courier-imap access control


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Hey guys, now I need some help :). I've just set up an IMAP server on my machine so I can access the same email anywhere, I've got squirrelmail working for a webmail frontend, etc. It's all working fine. However, I've noticed one rather annoying security flaw. I can't control access to courier-imap at all.


It appears to happily ignore /etc/hosts.deny ; man couriertcpd seems to confirm this. It suggests that couriertcpd has its own *special, shiny* access control file, which I should create with makesmtpaccess . Which we don't package, I think because we only package a bit of the whole courier suite. There's no obvious provision I can see to run courier through xinetd, so I'm basically stuck allowing the whole world access to my IMAP server if I want to ever be able to access it outside my firewall. This, obviously, isn't good. Anyone have any ideas? *Please* don't tell me to install sendmail or postfix or exim, they give me migraines. thanks guys :)

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