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Hi non-members and members...


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I have been playing with Fedora, SuSie, and this one.... I think this is cool and comfortable with... I am currently non-membership for this distribution... But try to understand clear before I can convience my wife ha....


I have read Mandrakeclub and not sure what I will benefits from them. and how much? I would liike to know if silver membership is more than standard??


Also, what is PowerPack CD?? what is inside? I though to wait for 10.2 with 3.4 KDE PowerPack CD's

Right now, I am full Linux on this computer and I am sure that I will continue with Linux.


Also, knowledge base, do I need to take test? how often? Also, once I join this, and do I have to take test sooner or can wait until I feel more knowledge before taking?


Thanks you guys!



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silver memebership will get you access to download powrpack versions of mandrake

long before it is available to buy.

and at the moment mdk10.2rc1 dvd = pre 10.2 powerpack dvd

i have level equal to silver level.

you will also get access to mandrekeclubs rpm databse that contains all commersial rpms.

+ more.


/Torbjörn Turpeinen (Thac)

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