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how to display day of week on toolbar? [solved]


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right click on the clock

Type = plain

showtimezone = Local timezone (gives date alongside the clock)


copy to clipboard gives days/dates/times etc - not sure how to show the actual day tho alongside the clock.

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I'm not sure which DE you use or how the clock works in it, but in Fluxbox, there is a line in the ~/.fluxbox/init file that determines how the clock is dsplayed. Maybe knowing these will help you.

Mine is like this:

session.screen0.strftimeFormat: %a %b %d %k:%M

The %(letter) comes from 'man date' in the +FORMAT section:

%a  locale's abbreviated weekday name (Sun..Sat)

%b    locale's abbreviated month name (Jan..Dec)

%d    day of month (01..31)

%k    hour ( 0..23)

%M    minute (00..59)

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Ah. In KDE, right-click the clock. Choose Date/time format. Click the date/time tab (I think). In the dropdown menu for Short Date, add WEEKDAY in front of it and click Apply, then OK. Then log out and back in.


Steve, you're tops!!! I had read your first post and went seaqrching through the clock controlls and then doing find on "clock" etc and then I noticed your second post!!!

a) where did you find it?

B) any way to make it the weekday abbreviation?


and, duh, yeah, I'm using KDE - like I assume *everyone* is!!! :cheesy:



and I just answered my 2 questions - you deviously looked at "help"!!!!! and SHORTWEEKDAY is what they say - I'll go try it


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