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Kernel 2.6.11 is out


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Well, you can read the changelogs at kernel.org and find out what's different. The nitro patch makes your kernel faster, more responsive, increases performance in games and adds new features. Go to the Gentoo forums and read about all the new features.

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patch-2.6.11-rc4-bk2 | Latest BK

reiser4_for_2.6.11-rc4-nitro1.diff | Reiser4, the fastest fs on earth

vesafb-tng-0.9-rc6-2.6.11-rc1.patch | vesafb-tng, a better vesa framebuffer

inotify-0.19-rml-2.6.11-rc4-nitro1.diff | Inotify file change notification support

config-nr-tty-devices.diff | config /dev/tty* count for a cleaner /dev

2.6.11-rc4-ck1 | Latest CK

linux-2.6.11-rc4-nitro1-cpad.diff | Support for more than one cPad

lufs-0.9.7_for_2.6.11-rc4-nitro1.diff | Linux Userland File System

fbsplash-0.9.1-r2_for_2.6.11-rc4-nitro1.diff | Gensplash, a bootsplash replacement

software-suspend-2.1.7-for-2.6.11-rc4-nitro1 | Swsusp2, Suspend your machine

squashfs2.1_for_2.6.11-rc4-nitro1 | SquashFS, a squashed read-only filesystem

cflags-selection_for_2.6.11-rc4-nitro1 | Compile this kernel with other CFLAGS

menuconfig-NAME-v2.1-dev2_for_nitro | Show kernel name in menuconfig

config_hz.diff | Set the internal clock frequency



I don't see anything there that'd speed the kernel up?


Just for interest, kernel-multimedia has reiser4, inotify, lufs and swsusp2. Main MDK kernel has at least inotify and lufs.

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iphitus: yes, multimedia definitely has reiser4 (main doesn't), and the reiser4 userspace tools are in contrib. Though I should clarify I'm talking about Cooker here, they weren't in the 10.1 multimedia kernel.


I think danny and svetljo use a lot of stuff from the ck patchset in multimedia, but I don't follow the details.

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