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Samba browsing sucks in Linux


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Samba browsing is a nightmare in Linux.


I'm a GNOME user and Nautilus does a poor job at it. It asks for the user name, pass and domain name for every share even though there is no user/pass required. And besides this it is very slow and sometimes it won't even display the contents of a share. Why can't it browse the network as smooth as Windows (this is one of the few windoze strong points) ?


SMB4K works more or less but sometimes it causes locks and I have to restart X.


xfsamba just sucks.


I really need a working alternative to this.



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SAMBA is great.. what sucks is CIFS....


Windows networking is a crock of rubbish, and you should only be using stuff like samba where you absolutely need... its no point complaining its different from 2K to NT to Win31 to ... because that is how M$ made it... its a hunck of rubbish designed just to prevent Novell's way superior networking establishing dominance.


Why can't it browse the network

Uggh why should it.... thats horribly insecure. All this is Windowsland quasi-networking... who do you want to be able to browse btw? give me your IP and Ill see if i can't just delete the offending files form here :D


When my GF went to uni in england and connected her MDK box to the campus network she suddenly had loads of people prointing off her printer and accessing her samba shares...

after turning off samba noone hacked her cups server...

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I understand the risks, but you see, this is a friendly network. I know all the people who are part of it and since they all use Windows and therefore SMB/CIFS I have to use the same thing. NFS would proabably be great but it's not possible.


I've used LinNeighbourhood before .... it's quite ugly but if there's nothing better I'm forced to use it again.

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Are they all using the same level of Windows ?

The second trick is to make sure it does have a password then you can set a default user/pass even if its just "user" and "pass"


NT and 2k hanfdle this differently than 3.11 and 98 and XP is different again... Windows itself hides this partially but the differences are still there...

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smb://winmachine/blahblah under Konqueror or Krusader, and all is fine, if you are using KDE 3.3+ samba daemon is not needed to be running at all, nor is something like smb4k or Network Neighborhood.

Works equally well under XFCE 4.2, if you have enabled XFCE running the KDE services.

No idea about Gnome, I don't use it at all (gstreamer excluded).

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