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How I got World of Warcraft to work


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Ok, I am now completely happy with my mandrake box because I have World of Warcraft running and I now have absolutely no reason to boot into Windows (I erased it a month ago WOOOOOOHOOO).


Anyways heres what I did


1. Get Cedega - its the new WineX, its technically free so if you know what CVS is you can get it that way. I just paid 15$ to get it in RPM format (its a monthly subscription thing but I just paid for 3 months worth and cancelled.) You might also be able to find the RPMS through other ways, I dont think that its illegal to not pay for this product. Get it here http://www.transgaming.com/


2. Install World Of Warcraft. My first problem was I couldn't get WOW to install... not with Wine, not with Cedega. So what I did was install it on a windows box, copy the dir to a cd and then put it in a directory on my linux box... that worked fine.


3. Run WOW! Now there are 2 modes you can run WOW in, opengl and directdraw. DirectDraw has a problem where you cant see the cursor, there is a program called wowfix that you can run after you have run wow to fix that... i couldnt get it working, more on that here http://digital-conquest.ath.cx/wiki/index.php/WoW


OpenGL - if you run cedega WoW.exe -opengl then you have it in opengl mode. There is only one problem that I have found in opengl mode, if you have the minimap on inside buildings then the whole program crashes. So for the first bit I just shut off the minimap but that didnt work to well because some classes start indoors with the minimap ON! So I downloaded Cosmos a WOW MOD and an addon called "HideMiniMapFromStart".


Notes: I use XGAME - a cool program that launches games in a new XServer that way you can CTRL-ALT-F7 to go back to your kde session sort of like alt tabbing...



Anyways, it works awesome, hope you get it working too!



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So I downloaded Cosmos a WOW MOD and an addon called "HideMiniMapFromStart".

I have Cosmos but need that addon....

Could you give me a link for that ADDON? I've searched everywhere and cannot fint it.



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In case anyone reads this and doesn't know, the commercial version of Cedega that you get when you pay for a subscription is NOT the same as the cvs version. The CVS does not contain several very important dll's, so don't expect the CVS version to work nearly as well.

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Run wow with NORMAL WINE, don't need to buy the Cedega.


I now have WOW working in my Mandriva LE2005, almos perfect, only some glitches on sound but disabling ambience sounds help a lot.


My wine configuration is the same of my post of how to get MuOnline running: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=23390


The only difference is that I need to upgrade the wine to a more recent version, in that case the wine-20050628-3mdk version and install the Mozilla ActiveX under wine that you can get at http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/mozilla.htm and in this moment is on version 1.7.7. To install the Mozilla ActiveX, just run the exe with wine, like you do in Window$ that will work. You don't need to install the Mozilla or Firefox browser to get WoW to work. And I belive if you only want to play wow, you don't need to install M$ Internet Explorer too. The IE is needed only to Mu.


I have copied a installed wow from window$, so I don't know if the install works.


And only edited the ~/World of Warcraft/WTF/Config.wtf file and added the line: SET gxApi "opengl" and give a chmod 777 to the ~/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account and ~/World of Warcraft/Logs directorys, so any user can use this installation and have permission to write to that dirs.


Go now run WoW.exe, and good game.


Ps. I run all my games with XGAME, cose this give you the ability to play the games in another tty and let KDE free to use in alt+ctrl+F7. You can get XGAME here: http://www.xs4all.nl/~masterpe/Perl/Xgame-bundle.tar.gz


:headbang: Linux rox ;)

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I play it in Cedega with no problems. And the mouse cursor issue is best resolved by adding this to your Transgaming config file (/home/user/.transgaming/config or /home/user/.point2play/config):

;; World of Warcraft
"MemoryLayoutOverride" = "0x10000000"

Using that entry you can play with Direct Draw or OpenGL.


I play with all the settings on full with my FX5700 Ultra. I haven't enabled Antrostropic filtering though, so I can't comment on that.

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