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Getting alsactl to store settings

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I am running MDK 9.2 and have had sound working for a long time. I want to be able to store Kmix settings and restore them. I can not get the store to work. With this command :


alsactl -f /etc/asound.state store I get the following error : alsactl: save_state:1061: No soundcards found...


I had a look through the forum, but have not found a solution. From the man page it looks like I have to specify a <card # or id> . Where do I get a card # or an ID from?


Lsmod shows the following for sound :


sb 9076 2

sb_lib 41742 0 [sb]

uart401 8356 0 [sb_lib]

sound 71528 2 [sb_lib uart401]

soundcore 6340 0 [sb_lib sound]


I had a look in MCC, but there is nothing there that helped, at least not that I recognized. After running alsactl, I do not have a file created called /etc/asound.state. I believe that is the default file that should be created.


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Try 'alsactl store'.

That gives the same results.


[root@sluggy cliff]# alsactl store

alsactl: save_state:1061: No soundcards found...


Im not sure what this may have to do with it, the sound is not a separate card, it is part of the system board. The system is a Compaq Deskpro P3 500Mz system.

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I didn't see your lsmod output. Sorry. You're not using alsa but oss. Load the alsa module (starts with snd-xxx) in the MCC. Close all sound applications, including kmix in the systray, when you do this.

I went to MCC --> System --> DrakeXservices but I don't see anything called snd-xxx.


Is this a kernel module that I need to "insmod" ? If yes, how do I track it down?


There isn't anything else (that I can find) in MDK 9.2 MCC to do with sound.

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I have done some more research. My compaq system has a ES1869 (ESS Technologys) sound chipset installed on the system board. According to the ALSA sound site, the chip set has a driver; snd-es18xx. I have it on my system.


If I look at MCC --> System --> Services, ALSA is stopped. If I try to start it, it does not start. I believe this is why "alsactl store" does not work.


Since I am not a sound ( or Linux expert ) can some one tell me would I be better off with ALSA or OSS?

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