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Show Off Your Desktop: January 2005


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clearlooksmilk gtk2-theme, flatmilk blue windeco, suede icons and a wallpaper with fitting gnome-splashscreen that has a small white border (picture displayed on the left window) i just made (both in inkscape). very basic, very flat, very nice imho.

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The Clearlooks engines rocks. I can't stop using it. Of course it needs added code for other things. Like ClearlooksMilk needs the cleanice arrow instead of the default bluecurve arrow but hey, it's the first release. I hope it's updated.

BTW, thx for the mcity arctic!


ClearlooksMilk gtk, Flat-Milk-Blue mcity, my icons (ignore the showdesktop icon hehehe)

wallpaper here http://oceanic.wsisiz.edu.pl/%7Eslabosz/in...?page=tapetycz6




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cute bird

/bvc just realizes you can't read the inactive title on the metacity he did 6 months ago :unsure:...and wonders even more why no one said anything


got the wall here



funny huh...linux walls on a win site :lol2:


and if that's not enough....they like the default xmms



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Nice wallpaper. Where can I get her...I mean where can I get it:cheesy:


DeviantArt. I can upload it if you want.


Or a link could do it, up to you :)


Uh... I don't remember :juggle: I think I'll upload it instead of browse through the impossibly huge Deviantart wallpaper section.... :woops:

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Here's my current desktop, It's much like the one in the december contest so I see no need for it to get nominated.

Linux Ubuntu, gnome 2.8. Founded on bvc's Theme d3a.


GDM. Click the picture to enlarge. 1208x927



Clean. Click the picture to enlarge. 1600x1200



With some apps. Click the picture to enlarge. 1600x1200



Alot of apps. Click the picture to enlarge. 1600x1200


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