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KDE panel [solved]


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This is kind of weird and I poked around and can't find an answer, so here we go.


I want to open multiple web address boxes in the panel in KDE. I hope somebody knows what I'm talking about.


When I have multiple web pages open there is only one box on the bottom in the panel. It doesn't matter whether I'm using Konqueror, Mozilla or Firefox.


Can anyone help?

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not really sure what you mean, sorry.


do you mean multiple tabs in Konqueror? if so, in the toolbar click "location->new tab" to add tabs. you can also place a button in the tool bar for that by clicking "settings->configure toolbars", then use the left panel, find the "new tab" button, add it to the right panel, move it up or down for placement, then "apply"->"ok". to save the configuration, click "settings->save view profile......".


if that's not what you're talking about, could you please attach a screenie, perhaps, to give me (or anybody) a visual reference?



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