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icons on fluxbox


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ok ive got along way customising my own fluxbox. But how do i put icons on the desktop for easy access? using the right click menus all well and good (and terminal) but some icons would be nice. As yet ive yet to find the solution


can anyone :help:



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ok found 2 solutions :






had to goto another linux distro site to find them. Hope that helps other people




fbdesk is in the contrib repository in Mandrake 10.1 - you can find it in "Install Software" - search for fbdesk - or just urpmi fbdesk from the command line.


version number is 1.1.5-2mdk


must give a try myself, as i love the lightweightedness of fluxbox, but i also just wanted a few icons on the desktop for quick and easy access to the stuff i use everyday at work.

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If you want to have a random wallpaper every 10 minutes execute the command crontab -e and then add a line like this:


*/10 * * * * /full/path/to/fbsetbg -R /path/to/your/wallpaperdirectory


trouble is , it doesnt appear to work. i can run it from the command line ok. do i need to set something else?

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Plenty of the wallpapers in my screenshots are from deviantart.com


Tell me which one it is you want and i can upload it for you.


based on your gallery numbers:


1, 2, 11


Drake, sorry about that, you just semed like you had your problem solved :D


kdehead: 11 was made by me and Steve Scrimpshire/Ohms, grab it here:



1 is here: http://www.deviantart.com/view/6905207/


and 2 is attatched


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