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C++ Compiler/Editor

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It often depends on what you wanna compile...


The actual compiler gcc is flexible... the idea being portability...


However a quick point before I say:

In Linux most stuff is way more modular than Windows so 'programs' tend to be front ends to other progs... since the other progs are open ...


think about an MP3 player for instance...

it can use a preexisting codec and pipe output to a pre existing sound handler...


Both ends of this have several possibilities...


A media player like XMMS will be configurable to use several choices of Codec and several outputs....


Develkopment suites are similar...

kdevelop is a who IDE ... its very good but aimed at developing for KDE. however it is of course flexible....


compiler/debugger wise its a front end... to gcc and gdb but I think you could for instance use the inytel compiler if you really wanted....


If you wanna play about then Glade is a nice simple IDE but nowhere near as sophisticated as kdevelop...


Most of the time in linux you will have lots of choices... and it takes some getting used to.... anyway this is free so you try the suck it and see approach... there are also non free (cost wise) ones... which personally i haven't tried...

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GCC to compile, it's that simple.


As for editor, do NOT let ANYONE tell you one editor is the best, because that is simply not the case. Some people like some, others like others. It's up to you to try some out.


My personal preferences





Others that I know people like/love










and I know i've forgotten some, but they're the most commonly used ones... it's up to you to try em all and find what you like. Maybe while you're starting, keep with the simpler ones, a basic text editor with syntax hilighting such as (g)vim, gedit, kwrite or cooledit. Avoid anjuta, kdevelop, eclipse, or maybe emacs as you might find the power of these overwhelming to start with, although you may well appreciate it later on.


As for debugger, dont fear GDB, its the best out there. It's apparently worth it in the long run :)



Should you decide to build some GUIs for your programs later on in the show when you have a good grasp of C++, there are a variety of toolkits to choose from, common ones are GTK, QT or wxWidgets. You'll pick whicher you need when the time comes.



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im going to install the gcc compiler tonight. im right in saying i just have to use terminal : urpmi gcc


and that will install everything i need? no need to mess with install manager in mcc?

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