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Old PCI Radio Card


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Hi, I recently came across my old PCI radio card that I used to use under windows in this very machine. I tossed it into the motherboard, but my MDK 10.1 system does not see it. I initially installed and ran Gnomeradio, hoping that it would be autodetected, but it said /dev/radio not found. Indeed, there is not a "radio" under /dev at all.


I'm not really sure where to start on this. Searching Google shows some info about isapnp that is supposedly invalid with the current kernel. Is there an easy way to get this card working or should I install it in a Windoze box?




edit: PCI not ISA!

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i don't know if this will work, but you could try the old sndconfig detect method.


in a terminal as root type...........




(hit enter)


if you get a command not found error, install it with........


urpmi sndconfig


.......then run it.


it's on the CD's but i don't know if it's installed by default any more. after you run it, it might seem to hang & do nothing for awhile. let it go, it's just searching for installed sound cards. if it finds one, it will bring up a dialogue box telling you what it found & ask you if you want to use it. it will then install the proper driver & give you the option to test it.


like i said, not sure it will work, but it won't hurt to try.



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