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patent directive Europe to be passed without vote?


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As I've said the world is full of morons and those that rule us are total retards.        :wall:


I believe those retards that form the EU Parliament are sadistic. They would just love to get 0\/\/n3d  and then have to reinstall winblows.




I think you mean masochistic...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadism_and_masochism :ph34r:

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It was killed at the last minute by Poland. Yay Poland. Have been attempting to find an email address for the Polish government department in question all day to send them a note of thanks, but I can't. Ah well.


Thank god for the Poles. They saved the Brits in the Battle Of Britain, and now they've done it again - saved us from greedy corporations and lawyers.





Reg story here:



This is the guy we've got to thank:

"The Polish Minister of Science and Information Technology, Wlodzimierz Marcinski, made a special journey to Brussels to demand that the directive be dropped from the agenda."


Here's his department's government website:



email: dip AT mnii DOT gov DOT pl

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