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EasyURPMI has moved


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You may have noticed the easyurpmi.zarb.org has been down for several days now.


In an attempt to find out what's been going , i came across this thread on usenet - they have moved to http://urpmi-addmedia.org


direct link:






On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 01:20:04 GMT, sandman wrote:

> are they having troubs?


I would say so. This from




The easyurpmi PLF website is no longer MIRRORED here.

They, Zarb.org/PLF, are having to many issues and the hassle isn't

worth it even after I complain and ask for a better way to sync.


This is the 4 th time in a week there site has been un-reachable.


Email easyurpmi@zarb.org for complaints

ATTENTION zarb.org DNS admin -- Remove the IP from your

dns entries. This site will be dead at 0600 GMT.


Now if they want stable webhosting I'll offer it to them for free. But

atleast be stable. This must frustrate users. Inculding backup email

service which can be triggered by ETRN or delieved by que.


zarb.org admin can email sgrayban AT borgnet.us for this access and setup.


In the interest of the Mandrake Community............

Someone sent me a link for alternate site http://urpmi-addmedia.org


[moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]

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So I guess there should be a new link in the front of the MUSB to reflect this fact. I mean, easyurpmi is such an important webpage for any Mandrake users.


the moderators of MUSB should get in touch with the easyurpmi people first to confirm this - but it certainly appears so.


i guess a lot of folks might not know about this just yet, as the zarb.org site comes up first on a google search for easyurpmi.


If confirmed, it might be a good idea for MUSB to do a big splash announcement on the front page maybe , just to let as many folks know as possible.


i honestly cant live without EasyURPMI - it really is a crucial service to mandrake users.

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This announcement did not come from those who work on easyurpmi, nor zarb.


This sgrayban dude isnt mentioned anywhere within easyurpmi's site and if easyurpmi were going to move, you'd expect some forewarning. Easyurpmi seems to be maintained by someone named trem. Has he announced anything? Is there any reference to him in the new sites? No.


I think it is someone attempting to hijack easyurpmi. It's past the deadline and the original site is still up and there is no announcement from the official owners of it.


It's like when that fool signed up to the Xorg mailing list and announced Xorg6.8 released, when it had not been, in an attempt to bring it forward.


spinynorman: could you change the FAQ links back until we hear an *official* response?



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well take a look at what i've said, then take a look at the CVS repo:




but where's the latest updates of this sgrayban bloke? trem is still mentioned throughout it, unlike sgrayban's sites who have no mentions whatsoever.


doing a bit of googling and this guy doesnt seem to have had experience with mandrake before 10, and -- he was asking a few days ago how to deal with anonymous CVS, something trem has obviously already set up and you would expect he would know what to do.


And his rpms suck: http://mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtop...ndpost&p=160104


You wouldnt expect the maintainer of easy-urpmi to add his repo if it may well be so buggy. Besides, plenty of people ahve their own personal repos, but tell me, how many have them added to easyurpmi? till this guy hijacked it - none.



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