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When your problem is solved

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I stickied this because I feel it is sometimes forgotten or overlooked


1. if your problem is solved, please report back and say so. The moderators will mark it "solved" in the topic (sub)title, so it will be easily identifiable for the moderators as well as the board users. This way they can move on to other posts and people with the same problem can easily spot which posts were resolved.


Besides, everyone likes to get a 'thank you' from time to time.


2. If you found out the solution by yourself, please post the details or post a link to where you found the solution if you have the time to do so. You can help out other people immensely this way. If it is a very common problem, it could be added to our Faq/Howto section as well.


By remembering these small things, you can help in a small, but significant way.

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