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Installing Firefox extensions - updates

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I have Firefox installed on my Mandrake 10.0 OE. It works fine, but I'm not able to install extensions nor to use the automatic update function from within Firefox. I have the same problem on a test machine that was installed with 10.0 OE.


It does start to download the extensions and updates, but they don't get installed.


I get the message:

The following components could not be installed due to errors

(the file could not be downloaded, was corrupt, or for some other reason).


The in the detailed overview he shows:

data: Downloading [name of extension or update] (Read only)


I'm not sure, but I guess that he does the download but then stores it in read only mode on disk or something.


I've googled on this problem, searched the board, but not seen any hint of someone having the same problem. But to me it happened on both machines. Doesn't any Mandrake user try to install updates or extensions for Firefox?


How can I fix this?


Thanks in advance,



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