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newbe needs help


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i recently installed mandrake 10.1 community in to my computer and as it turns out i liked it.. ok enough of that


my problem


can somone tell me how to set up ICS on my linux machine and make my other computer my slave.. i have 2 net cards in the linux computer with a crossover cable

running to the other


computer 1 Linux

computer 2 XP

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A look at the sticky topic in this very forum would've shown you that. :P


Also, having a title of a post that says something more than "newbe needs help, M,kay" would get you more help faster. I typically scan for topics I know something about and usually ignore vague post titles such as this one, because inside is usually a vague question about vague error messages. This time I was just bored and got curious.

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as it turned out i dont think i can set up networking. i installed a second network card and it caused a conflict with my computer. it wouldnt boot. so i had to take it back out and reinstall mandrake

About the M'kay that virtulaly i was lost. i'm still learning linux after starting out with knoppix then moved up to mandrake. any help is greatful


linuxuser for 2 months


Thanks :wall:

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I've just put a third NIC in my Linux box (MDK 10.1 Official) without any issues whatsoever - except that for some reason it decided to name the third NIC eth1 instead of eth2 as expected. I suspect this has something to do with eth0/1 using the same driver module.


As for setting up the ICS - I followed Streeters manual setup the same as I did when I had 10.0 community installe but this time it didn't work. So I used the wizards - and this time they worked.


Except for Samba - which did work in 10.0

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