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css issues of my site


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Guest Adriano

In general, I merely own the CSS pocket reference. Best 10 bucks I spent in a tech book, by far. Go buy it. That book, Eric Meyer on CSS by E. Meyer, Designing with web standards by Zeldman, and alistapart.com have taught me most of what I know.


Secondly, I had used it a long time ago (the tutorial on html and css I followed mentioned it, this was when Netscape wasn't all dead yet) and I remembered it. I didn't think it'd work (and I still don't think it should) but...


Thing is, with this solution, as far as I know, you should have the opposite problem (the navbar hiding the text), and not "no problem at all". But it seems something about that selector triggers the correct behaviour, so who am I to argue? :)


Drawback: you should really know why this is doing what it does, because I can't guarantee it will continue to behave as you want it....

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Ok, I fixed lots of other small things (now it looks good on Konq, Moz, Opera, FF, ... even lynx :D ), I've taken into account some of what Adrianovaroli has recommended (first page here) - mille grazie Adriano!


But the thing is, and this is tough for me to fix (which, if doable without doing stylesheet selecting based on browsertype - i.e. staying with only one stylesheet - I would like to fix) is the look in IE.


Yeah, I know, IE is losing marketshare, it's waning into oblivion etcetc.

Netcraft confirms, IE is dying, nay, dead, but still....


Trouble is: I don't have IE. This makes it kind of hard to debug my css....


If anyone has any hint as to what to fix without breaking current looks on the other (truly supported) browsers, please do tell!

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Guest Adriano

Google for "box model hack" and you'll get a way of fixing the display for the 'plorers while keeping it the same in Opera, Moz, Firefox, etc.


"I'm feeling lucky" gives you the original page:


(Tantek çelik was the discoverer of the hack).


Other good pointers:




This hack is doable with a single stylesheet (in fact, the only reasons you could need another are two: having a separate css file for Netscape 4 and / or having a different style in a particular page or set of pages.


But, I'm sorry to say, you still have to use Explorer to see the results.

I've got installed Explorer 5.01, 5.5 and 6 SP2 along with Opera, Firefox and maybe Moz, just to make sure of how the pages I write look in both platforms. I don't like using windows (Mostly because Bluefish is not available, so I have to use SciTE)


A partial solution could be using wine., though I'm not sure about the performance of the explorers... Every time I tried, they blew up while installing. You can download lite versions of Explorer from several points in the net, possibly from http://www.skyzyx.com/downloads/

or looking elsewhere (google is always your friend).

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