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Nominated October Screenshots


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gee, Far to many... I went through and tried to grade em all 1-5 and ended up with mainly 4's and 5's... DOlsen's was 'original' but gave me nightmares:D 


In other words this is very high quality stuff....


perhaps we should think through the voting and go for say 3 each?

I honestly can't make up my mind...



Good suggestion, this is the first month, and as people have voted, I will leave it as is.


Maybe preferential voting would work good ....


For next month, I will refine it a bit, just hard at the moment, exams in 1 week :o :wall:

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Hey I got a vote from bvc! heeh I use just about every single theme that he has ported out there. Either he does really like the screenie, or he just closed his eyes and picked a name out of a hat :P



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Well that's it for this last month.


Well done Artificial Intelligence, with three votes




Sometime over the next week, i will try and prepare you a image you can stick in your signature to show off that you won :P


As for next month, i will properly rewrite the rules and get it all working smoothly.

I am also considering again, doing the MandrakeUsers theme and wallpaper competition again this christmas :D



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