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Guest needshelp


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Guest needshelp

I'm not getting any sound when I boot up or launch any programs, and there is a sound icon in the bottom left corner of my screen with a red slash through it. When I click it is says:

Couldn't open mixer device /dev/sound/mixer


I tried running volumn control and I get


[B]Invalid mixer device[/B]
Volume control is unable to run correctly.

Press the details button for more details on the reasons for failure.

Press Quit to quit Volume control


I press the Details button and get:


[B]Invalid mixer device[/B] (same window)
Volume control is unable to run correctly.

Unable to open audio device '/dev/mixer'.
Please check that you have permissions to open '/dev/mixer'
and that you have sound support in your kernel.

Press Quit to exit Volume control


I'm using Gnome and Mandrake 10 ( I install everything using the 2.6 source and it works so I guess that's what kernal I'm using ) And I tried to install the drivers but got alot of errors compiling. My sound card is built into my Asus P4G800-V, It says it's a

Realtek ALC650 6-channel audio CODEC

according to my manual. It came with a disc with linux drivers(a folder called /mnt/cdrom/Drivers/Audio/ALC650/linux_v18 with a file called alc.tar.bz2 )


Thanks in advace.

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These eroor messages probably mean your soundcard/onboard sound isn't setup correctly.


Close down any sound application (including the ones open in the systray) and open the Mandrake Control Center, hardware, hardware, soundcard. Click on start confog. Select the module (=driver) you want to use. I suggest you pick the ALSA module. Than check MCC, system, services, if the ALSA service is running.


Than try to make some noice :)

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