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Removing entries from toolbar


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Is there any way to remove entries for running programs in the taskbar along the bottom of the screen - in KDE? For instance, I leave several programs running at all times, such as Konsole, and don't want the entries for them cluttering up the taskbar.


Any ideas? Thanks!



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K, this is a challenge, lol. Not to find how to do this but to explain in English.


I better attach an image:




Right click on the small separator in the taskbar, the one which indicates the beginning of the empty (or filled with apps ..) area, will bring up a menu, and I have no idea what it is called in English, lol. You can change the settings of the 'Fensterleiste', or you can remove the whole thing. But I don't know how to re-insert it ;-) once it is removed.


I just decided to install my next MDK 10.1 in English locale. :cheesy:

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Forgive me for contradicting you, Anna, but I get the menu you've included by left clicking - gives me Move Taskbar; Remove Taskbar; Configure Taskbar...; and Panel Menu.


In Configure Taskbar, you can 'show only iconified windows', which reduces the number of entries; or as you say, you can remove the Taskbar.


To recover the Taskbar, right click on any of the separators, and do Add - Applet - Taskbar. :)

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I've tried 'minimized windows only', and that is not exactly what I want. I would like to specify that certain windows never have a taskbar entry, but that others do whether minimized or maximized. If 'minimized windows only' is as close as we can get, I guess it'll have to do. Thanks for your help.

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