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Mandrake's logo needs work


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sure it can be changed. just go to your /usr/share/icons/kde-default directoy and change in all apps-subfolders the name of the mdk-menu.png to ... dunno... i have put a "1" before it. or erase the mandrake-star icon. you should get back the default icon-theme menu-icon. for gnome it is quite similar. just browse mandrakes gnome-icon-folders... but keep in mind that some icon sets like d3a icons have beautiful, modified mandrakestars as default menu-button.


with respect to change the mandrake-logo: well, i would change it too, if i were able, but this is entirely in the hands of mandrake and not of this board. and if they decide to stick to the mandrake star... it's their problem.


p.s: maybe they will have to change their name alltogether in the next five years (as far as i know)... so, who knows what the icon will look like then... maybe this → :beer:



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The yellow star is not silly at all  Says something about the magic mandrake :-)

sure.... but the graphics needs some work. it looks kinda dull in my eyes... too much greyness in it, that is: contrast too low, saturation too low. and it would look better if it had a small red outline imho. :)

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