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D-Link DWL 520+ Help!!!

Guest OraclePhoenix

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Guest OraclePhoenix





I just recently Installed Mandrake 10, and I Love it, Windows sucks but I still have too have it cause its the only OS thats working with my NIC Card.


I have downloaded the files required to install the driver for Mandrake 10, but I don't know How to install it, is there a a place where I can learn it or something?

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What type of file is it? If it's a RPM, then you can just double click it...If it's a tar.gz (or similar) you will have to extract, etc. from the command line.


tar -zxvf yourFileName.tar.gz

cd /into new directory created



make install

make clean


I would do some research first before trying this if you haven't done it before. Check and see if there's a readme file with the drivers. That's ususlly your best bet if there's any particular install instructions.


Good luck.



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A tar file is a zipped archive file that you need to extract to install. A RPM file (Redhat Package Manager) is an executable file that you can just click and install.


Since you have a tar.gz file, if my instructions aren't easy enough for you to follow, I would google tar and see if there's any better explanation online somewhere.


Sometimes you can also open tar files with konquerer to view the contents inside. I would do that, and look for a readme file. Normally readme files tell you exactly how to install your file.

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