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I tried to make an index.html file and it didn't work gowator keeps telling me to use OO, but I really, I mean really, don't know what to do when I open up a editor.


What do you mean when you say text file?  Are you talking about a text edoitor (something else I don't really know much about)?




cool everything is working as it should.... making a basic web page is as simple as typing a letter .. indeed if you open a letter (a .doc) and then saveas html it will make a file called myletter.html


This will be a really boring html file unless it happens to be a letter to your g'friend in which case we might all laugh.


Anyway, its really that simple. All static web pages are basically just like a word proc doc except they are ina special format called html....


no mystery etc. its just your browser knows what to do with a html file just like it does with the jpeg file...


interesting html files have link in and you make them as simple as you make a link here on the board ... here you add yourlink

in html you use

<a href="#Z">Z </a>

which will jumop to somehwere in the same document called Z (like a word bookmark) #Z must be defined...


However equally it could be to another page in the same directrory (./)

<a href="./mylink.html">mylinktext </a>

(note mylinktext is whatever you want it to say whereas ./mylink.html is the name of the file)


When you do this in openoffice or similar it hides the complexities away, but you can write them in a text editor just as well.



Dont be intimidated it really is quite easy to understand this stuff like the apache directives... its all just convention like the .htaccess file scoopy mentioned is just a file which by convention is called .htaccess ..it doesnt need to be but its a good idea to follow practice...


anyway the point is the file controls what can and cannot be seen in a directory..(.by the web server and hence people browsing.. )

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Is the some sort of browser or file ecitor that I can set up to open as a super user, so I don't have to open a terminal, and the su and then open nautilus? Or can I set the group of my html files to kilimanajro and still have everything work OK?


The next thing is security in MCC it says if you are running a server your security level should be set at "higher", I did this and the system monitor in gnome panael quit and gave me an error when I tried to restart it.

Do I need my security this high, and if so how can I get my system monitor applet to work?

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well edit out the IP you gave and then its not generally visible to the world and relax the firewall for now by setting security level down...


personally I prefer running the web server as a user called apache or www-data (the debian standard) but you can just add a few firewalls rules later. Its slightly safer but ...


the simplest/easiest/safest combination I find is to add apache as a second group to your kilimanjaro user ...then make sure that group has all permissions ... you can chmod 775 (just read and execute for everyone else)

its a comprimise but it will let you read/write files ... :D


Really the world is your oyster now... you can decide if you want a dynamic ip - add ftp server for file access and ssh for secure logins etc. and even run your own mail server... its all up to you :D


We started off just making some of the files available for you at work but from here you can choose .. this is how linux is meant to be used ...


illl try and find some easy starter docs for ya... meanwhile fissy has posted some stuff I promised to review and have just been too busy!!!

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In gowators last post he talkd about editing out my ip number, do you know how to do that?

I think he means to edit out your IP in your posts on this forum... so they are not published anywhere. This will make it harder for any would be hackers to find you.


I think you will just need to start playing with one of the editors and see what it does before worrying about doing anything great. Open up mozilla and then open up a composer window ( Click on the composer icon in the lower left side corner of mozilla ) . Either start by just typing things in and changing the font or moving things around... OR try saving a simple web page (such as google.com) and then open that up with composer and try to understand the layout and tags they use and how it produces that page.


Composer has like 4 different ways to view a page. Normal view (which is how it first opens and looks pretty much like a word type doc, but shows some other extras), HTML tags (this is kina confusing and I don't bother with it myself), Source (this is good to see your text with the HTML tags used), and preview ( to see what it should look like when viewed in a browser)


You can save your page with any name you like, including index.html (or .htm even) and will be viewable with any browser... as long as the code is valid.

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Some how I messed something up.  When I try load a file into mplayer all it gives me is the :/ file and it won't let me open it.  I think maybe in screwing around with the permissions I changed something, but I have no clue what.

Don't know what you could of done to do that ??? Did you try a file that you know worked before ? Maybe you tried a different file and don't have the right codec for it ?

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I think that sometimes my brain decides it is going to take a coffee brake and it doesn't tell me about until after I've done something stupid. It comes rushing back going " what the hell are you doing, I thought I told you not do anything while I was gone!" Which is unfair because when it is gone I don't remeber what it told me. :wall:


I set the security level on higher, and it wouldn't let mplayer access anything.

Problem solved :unsure:

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I have been messing with, but my html didn't work, I put it in the main file and remove the .htaccess, and when I tried to go to the page, it gave me an access forbidden. The pemissions were set as root for the folder and file.


My html is attached.


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