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K3b won't burn .nrg images?


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It's not that popular actually since you can only use one program (that is Nero) to use nrg. Besides, the format is closed and I think not that standard. ISO and bin/toc on the other hand are used much more often since there are multiple burning programs that uses those format (in fact for ISO, almost all burning programs support that format).

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Thx for the reply anna.


I wonder why they won't implement the nrg format in K3b since it's quite popular.  :unsure:



Are you serious???

What other programs except Nero use nrg??

Why when there is a standard ISO should anyone use anything else...

ISO International Standards Organisation...


If Nero are too dumb to follow the standards that's really their problem.

Indeed its probably only done to lock you into Nero anyway??

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Cannot see the locks for the keys.

If you think that nrg is so great then you obviously don't care about being locked in to a non standard and the fact that no one else has adopted it hasn't got through to you. Why would they when it is not an open standard and there are other alternative real standards available. Nero are doing a "microsoft" and you just can't see it. Really sad but I bet Nero like you.


Cheers. John.

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I'm shocked. I tried to burn some nrg images but K3b says they are not cd images. I guarantee they are.

Is there a way to work this around ?

The solution is easy

dd bs=1k if=image.nrg of=image.iso skip=300

In my case, i copied theimage.nrg to /home/me/theimage.nrg and created the iso image at /home/me/theimage.iso

so the code i entered in terminal was "dd bs=1k if=/home/me/theimage.nrg of=/home/me/theimage.iso skip=300"

then after about twenty seconds, the cd image was converted, i used k3b to burn the image. no prob and no need to install anything.

Here's where i found this lovely solution: check here


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Chill out ! It's just a freaking format. All I asked for was nrg support in K3B. There is a work around so it is ok. You don't have to flame me for not hating Nero and it's nrg format. I hate M$ but not Nero and you can't make me do it. :P :jester:


nero has a linux version so that should solve the nrg issue without any workarounds being implemented. :)


you asked for support for a proprietary format which unless nero would grant approval will make it illegal and open the K3B developers to litigation, and besides the international standards are already way enough for the needs of the general populace.


virtualcd might have licensed the format or just thrown Ahead's IP into the can. if they did the latter then its their call. the true test of being popular is if it is being used outside your immediate circle. my dvd and cd rw drives comes with nero oem but i dont use nrg since i don't want to be locked in. i want to be able to read my iso images by any burning application, in any operating system. heck i use nero as a last resort and prefer cdbxp or deepburner (both are free for personal use) when burning CDs/DVDs while in Windows.


and if hq197's post about skipping the first 300 bytes (its id header) is to be taken as proof, the format does not provide any real value from the standard ISO format so why bother?


let me hazard a guess, majority of those "popular" nrg images are in that format because the people who made them have nero oem in their computers and/or they don't know any better than to select the default (or only) option.



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