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Guest valexvo

a question regarding networking

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Guest valexvo

Hi all,

I'm new on Linux and this forum. I have a problem when conecting a winXPSP2 PC to a Mandrake9.2 PC.

On the first I have winxpsp2 and win98 dualboot with conection on Internet with modem . On the second I have winxpsp2, Mandrake9.2 and FedoraCore1 installed.

Here are my tests :

PC1 winxpsp2 with "obtain IP address auto" and ICS enabled

with PC2 winxpsp2 works

with PC2 FedoraCore1 works

with PC2 Mandrake9.2 don't work

with PC2 booting from Knoppix 3.4 works

with PC2 booting from Lindows live works


and now the asking part :


PC1 win98se with "obtain IP address auto" and ICS enabled

and PC2 Mandrake9.2 works


My eth0 is configured, in Mandrake, Fedora and winXP to obtain IP auto, as the standard installed. I make no other configuration nor in wizard nor in command line.


Question : why the mandrake PC is working with win98 and not with winXP

and why the other linux distros I tried are working well with winXP


any help appreciated




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lost of people have problems with mandrake. its a ok distro but not as good as the others, sorry i cant be of more help

I hate to be critical, but that is a very poor answer.

Do a

ipconfig -a

and post the results here

It is very hard to help much without some further detailed information.

Each OS may be having it's own problem, so for now and here, we'll look at why Mandrake is having issues with your eth connection.


As a second thought, the layout of your machines is unclear. In this scenario, is Mandrake obtaining an IP from your internet connection modem/etc or is it obtaining an ip from the other box which is either performing ICS(windows inet sharing), or some form of *nix with ip forwarding?

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