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mandrake 10 +macromedia flash


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Tried to install macromedia flash player according to instructions:


Mandrake Linux

Mandrake uses urpmi for automatic package management. You can

alternatively use the rpmdrake GUI interface. You must add

this repository to your urpmi sources before you can use it.


Command Line Example (choose your version)

urpmi.addmedia Macromedia http://macromedia.rediris.es/urpmi/mandrake/10.0/RPMS/ with synthesis.hdlist.cz




urpmi flash-plugin





[root@dhcppc0 lennart]# urpmi flash-plugin


http://macromedia.rediris.es/urpmi/mandrak...-plugin-7.0.25- 1.i386.rpm

Följande paket har felaktiga signaturer:

/var/cache/urpmi/rpms/flash-plugin-7.0.25-1.i386.rpm: Ogiltig signatur ((SHA1) D SA sha1 md5 (GPG) (MISSING KEY) GPG#8df56d05 NOT OK)

Vill du fortsätta installationen? (j/N) n



Can somebody give me a clue as to what went wrong / what I need to do next???


All help/tips&tricks/moral support most welcome!

Thanx in advance.

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usually signature error-messages can be ignored. what makes me wonder though is that you try to install a i386 package. is i386 the correct one for your comp? or do you need another architecture? maybe, you should search the relevant rpm with rpmfind or rpmseek



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you can test flash on the macromedia site Here or for something completely different, try Joe Cartoon.



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