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Hi all! i know this is a stupid question but i am very new in linux and also i havent got enough time to "explore" it. My question is what is urpmi? I have heard about it and i guess it is a update option??? How can i configure that? Please be patient with me!!! Thanx

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we are a patient bunch of nerds, didn't you know that already? :D


okay, urpmi is mandrakes super-duper-fantastic-cannotlivewithoutit command to keep your box in tiptop shape. you can install and uninstall every rpm you want with urpmi, even if you don't know its exact name. and urpmi handles all the dependencies-stuff and automatically does "everything" for updating your system. it is run from a console as root (in console, type su, then pw to become root). you know, the black-monitor icons. if you want to know some more stuff about urpmi, type urpmi --help in the console.

installing a package:

urpmi packagename

installing all packages with e.g. gimp in its name:

urpmi -a gimp

automatically updating your system:

urpmi --auto-select


i love it somehow :)

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