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I've messed up my MDK 10.0 login

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Been banging away at MDK 10.0 trying to get it to use my ADSL modem (it can see it and has the driver )

I must have told MDK that I don't want a graphical login cause now it presents me with :


Mandrake Linux release 10.0 (official) for i586

Kernel 2.6.3-7mdk on a i686 / ttyl

localhost login:


I can login but I don't know enough about command line usage to get to KDE or GNOME

could someone tell me what I should type in to fix this?


When I use my boot floppy it stops at


Kernel panic: no init found

try passing init= option to kernel

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After login, try typing


init 5


and see if your GUI comes up.. This is your runlevel. Linux starts up in stages (defined as runlevels). If you are set to init 1 or init 3, then your gui won't come up..


\etc\inittab (I think that's where it is) in the first line has a reference to it. If it's not set to 5, then it will start linux at a different runlevel.

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