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try replacing the ja_JP with ja_JP.UTF-8


Also, instead of modifying the /etc/sysconfig/i18n, you can copy the file to ~/.i18n (hidden file). This way, you don't have to mess with system wide settings and the changes to ~/.i18n take effect once you log out and in again instead of having to reboot.


If this doesn't work, try modifying the /etc/fstab entry. Maybe

iocharset=iso-2022-jp instead of iocharset=utf8 will do. Or maybe it has to be

iocharset=iso2022jp (not sure).


Alright i did that, but i didn't do it in the hidden folder i did it in system wide settings. And i still have a problem, first thing is a lot of programs are now half japanese, i only wanted to see stuff i had that was originally japanese on my windows drive. And it doesn't even show the full file name it has missing characters etc. And now my files have a lock on them and when i click it says the file doesn't exist!


EDIT: if i can't fix this i might aswell delete linux, i can't live without my music and other files.




Wow wow forget all that i just typed, i managed to get it working woo hoo i edited the file in the home directory like you said, and i can now see my files! one problem though, gaim is completely japanese. Any ideas how to fix it?


EDIT: I figured it out. Now i have everything they way i want it, thank you everyone for your help.

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