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MandrakeLinux releases GlobeTrotter


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I know this reply is 4 months late. However I have just purchased my Globetrotter. It is the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased. I decided to use the Globetrotter exclusively so that my data is always uptodate no matter where I am working. I use my desktop and laptop for backup. Unfortunately my laptop is only usb 1.1 but for running mdk 10 it works fine even suspend to disk works. On my desktop using usb 2.0 the speed difference is neglible.


There seems to be no easy way to upgrade to mdk 10.1. If anybody has any suggestions please let me know. I purchased a 40g LaCie drive as a second backup. If my primary Globetrotter drive fails I can restore on image that I created onto the second drive and be up and running. I tested this and it works.


Why don't you start a new post for your problem? Perhaps Laptops&Portable devices would be an appropriate forum.

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