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Updating 9.2: What happened to my K-Menu?!


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Hello, All:


I've finally installed and successfully updted Mandrakelinux 9.2. (If ever there was an example of why users should read the errata this is it!!!) After updating the installed packages, however, my K-Menu is half-empty: e.g.,

  • MCC is gone,
  • Konsole is gone, and
  • Office is gone.

I've installed and updated twice and this has happened both times.


I've perused the KDE Help Center and learned about 'kappfinder' but that only recovered Office and a few miscellaneous items.


What the @#$@! happened? :furious3: <-- Funny looking little guy that more-or-less illustrates my frustration but I'm not really that mad.

How can I restore all of the K-Menu icons (that were there before)?


Eric P.

Sunnyvale, CA

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kmail is included in "kontact" since kde3.2, but you can still access it via konsole, typing "kmail".

Hm. I found the icons for Kontact and KMail using menudrake but only the icon for Kontact appears after saving. (In fact - the entire Mail folder is gone after using menudrake!) There seems to be some discrepancies between menudrake and the K-Menu. Is that normal?

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