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VNC Problems


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I can connect fine. Its the getting the "normal desktop" that I cannot get.


From the x0rfbserver manual page:


X0RFBSERVER(1)				   User's Manual				  X0RFBSERVER(1)

   x0rfbserver - a VNC server for an existing display

   x0rfbserver [-shared] [-viewonly]
   x0rfbserver { -stdio | -about | -help }

   This  is a VNC server that acts for a pre-existing display (whereas the
   AT&T VNC server creates a new display).

Buchan Milne had this to say in his post on the GLUG-tech mailing list:


Roland Giesler wrote:

>>>there is a logged in user in KDE. Surely there must be way to tell

>>>the system to start the rfb server? I can start Konqueror from the

>>>command line, why not x0rfbserver?


> Heinz replied:


>>try this


>>xhost + localhost

>>export DISPLAY=localhost:1.0

>>x0rfbserver &



>>then use vnc to connect to the session that should be open


vncserver != x0rfbserver


vncserver is a VNC server and X server in one


x0rfbserver is a VNC server and X client in one


> I want to see display:0 though


Use x0rfbserver, vncserver can't do this.

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