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AQUA-Mdk 10.0 official

Guest huah

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Guest huah

AQUA-MANDRAKE 10.0 Official

I've installed Mdk10.0 Official without problems from 3 cds. It works fine and I should say that i really love that distribution.From hardware recognition to overall system stability my case is one of those who would like to see that distro become the new standard for Linux(and I'm glad to see that day by day it's becoming).


My problem is about grafical fine-tuning:


In the effort to emulate MacOsX grafical style I've installed a MacOsX-like Menu, a wonderful Dock by the Italian project KxDocker, IcOsX-Icons, all by rpm.

Than I installed from Prenguin Liberation Front the following packages:



They are style and window decoration themes similar to Apple's.

The problem is that when I open Kde control center->Aspect->Style or Window Decoration THERE IS NOT AQUA-ELEMENT to select! Quite strange,cause other theme-packages went smoothly..

Could someone tell me why this occurs?


During distro installation I hadn't yet the 4th CD

Thanks to the braves..



1)Pentium3 coppermine, 128mbRam, 20 gb HD, Riva tnt, Epson stylus color 480, ...

2)kernel-source-2.6.3-7mdk.i586.rpm with NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run(3d acceleration drivers),

kxdocker-0.17-1nts.i586.rpm kxdocker-resources-0.3-1nts.noarch.rpm superkaramba-0.32b-2mdk.i586.rpm xmmsctrl-1.6-3mdk osX_MenuBar-0.2

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Welcome onboard, huah :D


The 'acqua' style from your kdemorartwork-acqua rpm is a bit hard to find. Actually it's a icewm-windowdecoration-theme:

windowdecoration --> IceWM ---> decoration settings: Acqua

(the wording of the menus might be different on your box, I don't have an English version)


If you want a different OS X/Mac style, you can install the kdemorartwork-liquid rpm, also plf. You'll then see a new entry in your Look & Feel kde control menu: Mosfets liquid. And you change to this theme via Style --> High Performance Liquid


Good luck, and don't forget to post a screenshot in "Show Off Your desktop"



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Well guys, it's a great day-to-day! Here's a detailed guide to MacOsX-ation of Mandrake 10.0 Official

You need following packs:


1) kdemoreartwork-IcOsX-0.7-1plf.noarch.rpm (I d. from ftp://ftp.easynet.fr/plf/mandrake/10.0/noarch)IcOsX


2) kxdocker-*i586.rpm, kxdocker-resources*.rpm

(I d. from http://narcis.tesa.ro/pub/rpms/kxdocker/ or http://gotux.altervista.org/index.php?mod=...load/Programmi/ ->Utilità)

or Kooldock


3)superkaramba-0.32b-2mdk.i586.rpm(search on google,you'llfind in a hurry),

xmmsctrl-1.6-3mdk(from distro CDs,is required by superkaramba), and osX_MenuBar-0.2.tar.gz




Fatto? Then do for point:


1)install, after go to Menu->System->"Configuration"->Configure your Desktop--> Aspect->Icons and select "icOsX", ->apply


2)install, and run these wonderful docks!


3)install superkaramba and xmmsctrl,extract osX-MenuBar, and from terminal give superkaramba /directory you downloaded in/osX_MenuBar-0.2/osX_MenuBar.theme


4)extract, cd to /acqua-3.2 and give sh install.sh, the script will install the theme. Afterwards go to Menu->System->"Configuration"->Configure your Desktop--> Aspect->Style and select "acqua", then Menu->System->"Configuration"->Configure your Desktop--> Aspect->Window Decoration->IceWM-> and select aqua.

Up in the window "Button", and drag window buttons to the left-high corner as in perfect MacStyle!



Well, now you should have Icons, Dock, Style &Window decoration + Menubar like in a MacOsX box..the only problem are the un-rounded window corners of this IceWM theme, until now I haven't found a solution.

You can see the result in advance at "Show Off Your Desktop"...Isn't it the most Impressive Desktop Of The Planet!?


Thanks to Anna for the IceWm tip, I would like to kiss her..(p.s. for her, those kdemoreheartwork packages were useless,I did a mistake!)

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