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How I Got Wireless Working with ndiswrapper

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Your wireless card has a native Linux driver for it, as you have already been told in this post here. :)


All you need to do is use the easyurpmi link in that post to set up urpmi, and be sure to add the plf-free and plf-non-free repos. Then in a terminal as root do

urpmi dkms-ipw3945

or use the gui Software Installer and select dkms-ipw3945, it will install the other dependencies automatically. Then use the gui to set up you network connection.


I got my wireless device working after your comment. Thanks to all those who helped.

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Guest Bill S

Hello all,


I am somewhat of a new linux user but have a question that I hope someone can answer.


I am using a Compaq Presario 2500 notebook with a wireless card. Mandriva is detecting the card and I am using the ndiswrapper with no problem. (I'm using the wireless now). But as soon as I reboot, I have to reinstall the card all over again. How can I retain the settings permamently?


Thanks all!

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Guest MAB

When I got to the modprobe ndiswrapper command after modifying modprobe.conf with my particulars, I got the error


loadndisdriver: main (544): version 1.9 doesn't match driver version /etc/ndiswrapper/wg311v3/wg311v3.inf


What do I do now?

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