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I'm using mandrake 10 on a laptop - emachines M5116. For playing DVDs, when I insert the DVD in the combo drive, Totem automatically starts and tries ot read the DVD. I prefer to use Xine directly. I know the answer is probably very simple but I can't find it - how do I stop Totem from automatically starting when a DVD is inserted inthe drive?



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Name: magicdev
Größe: 120 KB

Zusammenfassung: A daemon for automatically mounting/playing CDs.

Beschreibung: Magicdev is a daemon that detects when a CD is removed or inserted. Magicdev handles running autorun programs on the CD, updating the File Manager, and playing audio CDs.



There is even a menu entry for it but I don't know where, I gave up on the Mandrake menu style altogether and use the original KDE menu.

I am using kde exclusively, can't find where to set this in kde control center, bvc.

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